My Adoption Story: Part 6

It is Christmas of 2002 and I am at home in Memphis, TN. My mom is making some holiday cookies in the kitchen and I am sitting at the table contemplating whether or not man can even understand life (I obviously have no idea what I was thinking about at the time). Life has not been going so well. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions, never knowing fully if I am past the pain until the pain taps me on the shoulder. It is a sad way to live life, constantly looking over your shoulder. The worst part was I was not looking over my shoulder for a person or a thing; I was looking over my shoulder because I did not want to look forward.

“I need to ask you for a favor,” I say suddenly to my mom. In a rush to now finish what I wanted to say, I hurriedly continue, “I would like to take my next year’s college money and go to Korea and search for my birth mom and sister.”

You could have heard a mouse fart. I had no idea what she would say, but I knew that if I had even the slightest chance of seeing this through I would have to convince her before my father.

“What exactly do you think you will get over there that you cannot here?” she asks the obvious question and the one that probably should have shot down the whole plan from the start.

“The guy at the orphanage is a jerk; he will not take me serious unless I go there. Rob and his mom are going to Korea this summer, they said I can go and stay with them.”

“I will talk to your father about it,” she said, but the hug she gave me let me know that I had been heard, truly heard.

My prodigal son adventure had begun.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man


the next day

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