My Adoption Story: Part 4

It is early in my 2001 school year. My plans of alcoholism have not gone well, mainly because I broke out with the worst case of acne in human history. I hadn’t had much dealings with these small boils from hell, but in the end they were a blessing and a curse. They were a blessing because they turned me into a reclusive monk that had no desire to see other people. I was thus not engaging in your normal first year of college sins. Oh sure, I drank beers and hit the bong, but I wasn’t out leading a fraternity into the next era of white collar supremacy or scoring the winning touch down. I was leader of ten alliances in Utopia and won multiple Starcraft tournaments… can I put that on a resume?

My search did not go well the second year. Yes it was inevitable to search for them. I had their names and a picture of my sister, that was it. I found out from the agency, after they got my sister’s record out, that my birth mother had given us both up for adoption. She had changed her mind a few days later and come back and gotten my sister because she was older, and probably easier to care for. It makes sense, I have a basic understanding of how survival works; I have the Discovery channel and I watch it religiously.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man



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