Sharing is Caring

I like to share posts from random bloggers. Yes I promote some authors on the side, but I also take the time to browse and find new interests. It is possibly the thing about blogging I enjoy the most.

I don’t always “Like” posts I read. I do often share those posts through a reblog. I see it as a small gesture of kindness that shows the writer I read their work and I appreciated it. At least that is how I view it.

I close all comments on reblogs and I probably annoy my readers when I over share. Tough. Anyone that is upset over the amount of email from my WordPress site at this point really needs to buy a vowel and gain a clue. I post a ton and I won’t change or stop. It is how I blog.

Sharing is caring and people love to be shared. In a world of easily clicked buttons via Facebook and other platforms, the “reblog” has lost much of its glamour. It has lost a ton of value which I think is a sad thing because a “reblog” is very valuable. Any extra push of your post down the stream of posts that is WordPress IS an act of kindness. Just ask the bloggers that grind it out each day with no comments and zero interaction. And yet they still return to share their hearts.

Letting people know that you saw their words is a great thing. It is a powerful thing. We all get busy and we often don’t have time to comment. Just know that if you do take that time it is never wasted. Your ability to alter someone’s current state is no trivial thing. It is the power of social media.

It is the power to care.

Jason Chandler Cushman

-Opinionated Man




19 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. It is heart warming to know that there is such a big community supporting, giving tips and advice, sharing and interacting. I am fairly new and when you are new, reading lots of experienced bloggers and writers can be a little overwhelming and the risk of prevailing insecurity is higher. But this post and others alike, are definitely reassuring. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for this and I love your kick-ass attitude! You are right, my e-mail seems to be full, full, full but what I try to do in the scrolling of that e-mail is try to find the treasure, if something moves or excites me, I will happily like/comment or re-blog! Sharing is beautiful and so encouraging, thank you for the reminder!

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  3. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Hi < always share other blogs are just about sharing.. I love it.. if fact sure am going to share this.. how you doing Harsh..
    I have 3 blogs on word press that I share…my joy.. I I started in 2011 in redbubble artist 4 artists and we would put artists on our front page that was fun.. now I have 4 blogs on google and share share share got to love it my friend who is such a lovely talented artist.. happy day..Sherri

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