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They say to bind your promises in gold. But we couldn’t afford gold, or even silver at that. So I wrapped my words around my finger with steel so you would know my promise would last through time. Giving you my everything as you gave me yours while stepping step for step with me, even through steps I stumbled. We do not need pretty stones since we have the stepping stones of life. They adorn our minds instead of our fingers, they crown our marriage each day. Reminding us with each touching hand that we are still touching, and we will touch in the future as well.





6 thoughts on “See

  1. Sharing a gold or silver ring does not show the commitment and love in a marriage. While it is great to have that, I think that just having to trust each other’s words at your instance is much more beautiful. Things do not make sure we hold to our words but our actions do. Much love ❤

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