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I haven’t written many blogging tips lately. Most of what I know has been written and recorded in my archives HERE. I think the number one question bloggers need to ask themselves is “why are you here?” When people ask me for advice on social media I immediately ask that question followed by “what is your goal?” The reason is obvious. We aren’t all here to do the same thing.

I love blogs because of the diversity found here. People sharing, caring, not caring, and sometimes caring too much. It is raw and it is real, or at least it is supposed to be. It is a world within and at the same time outside of our waking world. That is why so many of us love it. That is why so many of us return.

Many bloggers have written to me lately asking about owning a personal domain and moving off WordPress. I encourage them to reflect on their goals and why they want to do this. The connections to other bloggers are easily found on established platforms. It is only once you have established a network that you can then try to transplant that network somewhere else. It is a continuous battle, an endless war, and it takes a ton of work. The hardest thing to get anyone to do online is to click a link. A reblog link, a shared link or even YOUR NEW LINK. No one wants to do it because no one wants to be sold on the idea that they give into suggestive reasoning. That is all links are really, a suggested read.

As I promote my new website at it is amusing because it isn’t a new website at all. I’ve owned this domain for three years, grew and nurtured it on WordPress for most of that time. It was only when I got tired of the restrictions and the red tape that I moved. I now stand firmly with one foot on my side and the other still in WordPress because I enjoy the connections here. You also have to remind people you still live.

“Are you looking to promote, sell, or brand yourself in the future?” That is my staple response to the question “should I own my domain?” It was never my dream to always write for free. I am reminded of this each time I go to my day job. It might be my dream to write a book someday. For now I am content to simply brand myself as a potential writer. To let people see my random thoughts, my musings, my dabbles at writing and poetry. As long as my fingers are moving I am still breathing. I am still writing.

Blogging is whatever you make of it. Create your goals or don’t create goals and roam freely. Meet people or hide online, those are the choices we all share and have to make. Why are you here? There are no answers without your answers first.

-Opinionated Man



15 thoughts on “Blogging Tips

  1. So cool to see your article on Roberta Pimentel’s blog, and I said “I recognise that guy”. I have thought of other platforms, but don’t think I would ever do it. One blogger I follow went self hosted. She was a great blogger, so I migrated over, but she did admit the vast majority of her followers did not sign up at her new blog domain..

    So sad about the restrictions you had imposed on you. So glad you are still around Jason! 🙂

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