10 Reasons Not to Follow This Blog

1 – Men make horrible bloggers.

2 – Anyone that posts this much can’t possibly care about anything passionately. It is like eating just any flavor of ice cream because you don’t care. Who does that?

3 – I think everyone that comments on this website is actually one person. Probably the blog owner…

4 – This guy claims to be Asian and has the name Jason Cushman. How dumb does he think we are?

5 – He never visited my blog.

6 – Anyone that has to tell you they are opinionated can’t be that opinionated.

7 – You never know what is going to be posted. I subscribed to a poetry blog… I thought…

8 – Why is he so angry? Did his mother not love him?

9 – I only read blogs of established writers. This guy is a fraud.

10 – If WordPress hates him we should too.

30 thoughts on “10 Reasons Not to Follow This Blog

  1. hey jason we will still follow these points do not matter and we do not care so it will not discourage us even if you do not visit us its logical there are so many of your followers how can you keep to all of them 🙂

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