I surprised my wife with a trip to Vegas for her birthday. We had a lot of fun seeing all the places I’ve seen countless times in movies. This is my first time here! And this is our first trip alone, without kids, since we got married 8 years ago. We are making the most of it!

I will say that I am glad I got my gambling days out of me as a young man…

Tonight I am taking my wife to the J Lo concert. I bought the tickets a while ago and had no clue her show is supposed to be amazing! I’ll try to restrain myself from getting on stage and shaking my nonexistent ass.

I hope all is well bloggers. Be safe, have fun, and live each day.


45 thoughts on “Hello…

  1. This was posted a day ago, so I guess, it’s a belated greeting. Belated happy birthday to your wife, Jason. Best wishes to her and your family. I’m glad you took her out. I hope you guys had a nice time.

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  2. Milord, kindly do not get on stage and swing your non-existent booty along with her surgically enhanced one. O`r, is it Kim Kard-somethingortheother who has that surgically enhanced booty. Either way, the contrast may be striking.

    The crowd will cheer you, and JLo will lose her fans to you.

    Be chivalrous. Be nice to JLo.

    Stay in the crowd and have fun!

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  3. What a great birthday present for your wife. Congrats to her 🙂
    And just in case she doesn’t now it: seems she’s found a keeper in you 😉

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  4. Oh you are just a fine husband! I saw a pic of J Lo online this morning. I can’t believe she is 47. She looks amazing. Take pics please. Have a great time together and remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (except for J LO pics- those are fine to divulge) 🙂

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