Ways to Get People to Exercise

1 – Tell them it is free! People love free!

2 – Have them sign what they think is a petition, but instead let it be an enlistment registration form!

3 – Spray pheromones on their pants from a mountain lion and take them for a walk in the mountains of Colorado.

4 – Switch out their massage chair with an electrical stimulation chair.

5 – Every night move their car down the street. Make it progressively further and further!

6 – Set all the clocks forward 30 minutes.

7 – Keep letting a Dragonite I can’t SEE OR CATCH appear on my Pokemon Go radar.

8 – Host a “Halloween Scream House” during Christmas Season. Let it be a surprise.

9 – Walk around the block in Memphis, Tennessee.

10 – Post photos of yourself at 21, but claim you are 45 years old and “in great shape!”

11 – Apparently shaming people works! “What’s your excuse?”

-Opinionated Man


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