26 thoughts on “Politics

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  2. When a dog pees on a fire hydrant it is not vandalism, it is simply their nature. When a politician is corrupt, lies and embraces elitism it is not unsurprising, it is simply their nature.

    While I do not feel hate, contempt and loathing is probably accurate.

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      • To the Opinionated Man. I believe that you, like a lot of us out here in the hinterlands. Think that our current mess in our political system will somehow, miraculously, fix itself. And, there by granting us all a reprieve, of sorts, to this conundrum that we now find ourselves in. Nothing could be further from the truth. We, as a society, have taken our hands of the wheel, and been asleep at the switch for too long. It’s easy to criticize and hurl stones; but, who’s going to take part in rebuilding this democracy that we’ve inherited, and begin to make it work?

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  3. As a church leader and Bible teacher I go out of my way not to use the word “hate” when referring to people.

    That being said, it is nearly impossible to find any good or redeeming quality in any politician these days.

    Really, I am so fed up I just don’t care anymore.

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