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It was very kind of you to reblog my post! I appreciate the kind words as well! Hopefully he feels better soon! -OM
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Myths of the Mirror

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The Overlord has contracted an ugly case of chicken pox. In fact, he looks like a plague victim, the poor kid. For a few days, I’ll be on pox-duty while mama and dada work, so my blog time will be somewhat sparse.

I’m happy to share this beautiful post by Jason Cushman (An Opinionated Man) on his blog Harsh Reality. Elegantly written and tender-hearted, it’s another example of the wonderful talent out here in the blogosphere. I’ve closed comments today. I hope you read on and enjoy:


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It is far too early in the morning to make decisions that last a lifetime and yet you did. You made our decision for us as you packed us away with our memories. I sometimes wonder if you held our hands as we walked away from the life we knew. Having little idea that we were walking the…

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