Grandpa’s Wisdom

Great advice from your dad and don’t you just love when music seems to accompany your life events? 🙂
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Peace from Panic

My daughters Mackenzie and Talee, both in their early twenties, were home this past weekend. We had wonderful family time — plenty of cooking, eating, shopping, and laughing.

Sunday night my parents came over for dinner. It was a perfect night to sit outside, so I set the patio table and lit citronella candles. We enjoyed a relaxed meal at sunset. It was nice for my parents to hear what’s going on in my girls’ lives, straight from them.

We got on the subject of dating. My husband asked our daughters what they were looking for in a man. Mackenzie said she wants a guy who’s fun, outgoing, a little edgy, and can appreciate that she enjoys working and wants to advance in her career. Talee wants someone who makes her laugh, likes to be active and is athletic, and a guy who will support her decision to be a…

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