Dissociative Identity Disorder: Grief

I enjoy reading lines that make me think and feel. -OM
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Art by Rob Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein Play with us

Today is a week and now it’s a month.

Lost and angry.

I want but don’t.




I grieve for a little boy locked in pain.

I feel his despair

but when I try to

save him

I can’t get in.

Art by Rob Goldstein Scissors

It’s 1958, the monsters are everywhere.

They hiss faggot as I walk with my
head bowed.

They gather in packs and surround me.

I freeze in silenced horror and shame.

These monsters want me dead.

It’s 2016 and they’re back.

I know these monsters.

They killed me when I was six.

Art by Rob GoldsteinThe Boy that Died

He doesn’t know
where he is:

beneath the weight


adults and children–

Flash of light!

He can’t see.

He can’t breathe!

He can’t leave

RG 2016

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