Come Celebrate! How we all affect one another.

This was a great focus post and an awesome way of thanking those in our community! Congrats on your first three months of blogging!
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Today marks my quarter-anniversary, or third month, of blogging! And the first time I’ve broken the fourth wall to acknowledge all of you out there who have touched bases with me along the way.

To be honest, blogging still makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Something about reading those posts where the author acknowledges the lethally addictive stats page, commiserates about small followings, or apologizes for the “recent radio silence” makes me squirm in distaste. As if blogs should be more professional than that, above the mention of themselves.

I’m in some kind of half-committed Twilight Zone where I’m always wanting to update my About page to include my real name or picture — partly because I want to stop being confused for a man by my readers, and partly because accountability is a strong value of mine. On the other hand, I enjoy a healthy aura of mystery — something this world needs more…

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