a peep through the keyhole 2 (audio teaser)

What a cool teaser!
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Special thanks to my oldest son, Brian, for putting this together. We are in the process of building a supportive environment for the Tales from the Valdaren series. The goal is to have the first eight chapters freely available on audio along with some backstory clips, a pronunciation guide to all things Valdaren, main character descriptions with audio files and a map (eventually). Though arduous, the process is tremendously fun and growing daily, with a fresh batch of material coming out of book two concerning added characters, dark magic spells, new creatures, old legends and even a musical instrument.

For now, I will host this material on separate pages connected to this blog via my top bar, but I foresee a day when Tales from the Valdaren will grow large enough to require its own website.

In addition to book two of Tales from the Valdaren, I have several other…

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