I Do NOT Write For You

My name is Jason Chandler Cushman and I write under the pen name Opinionated Man. I have written under this name for the three years I have written on WordPress and on this blog. I currently post on aopinionatedman.com and also aopinionatedman.wordpress.com. I do NOT write for any other website regardless what their contact pages say. I know of one such site that has me listed incorrectly as an author and contributor… I do NOT own any other blogs.

I am not corporately bound through this website and owe loyalty to no company, persons, or bloggers other than my family.

I do not write for you. Any of you. I write for myself and what I wish to write. I hold the same freedom of expression all of you do. I write on the topics I care about.

I promote what I wish. I share what information I want to and I don’t acknowledge any secrets or subjects as untouchable.

Do not email me and try to direct the content of my websites. Do not ever try and tell me what I should and should not share.



20 thoughts on “I Do NOT Write For You

  1. Jason, are you going nuts o’ bonkers or are these people really stealing from you. Your site is so magnificent that I can believe that people are stealing but shit man, let us fix this. You are, or at least I think you are copyrighted, you state in perfectly good short sentences and very plain English what you mean and what you want. You my almost son are right…however…..

    You have an amazing following….so get us all on board to make this stop, or get over it. What is that old saying? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    I know, I know they are not imitating you, they are copying and using your hard earned reputation to promote themselves. BUT let us troll for you, I’m not a very good proponent of trolls but shit, I’m tired of hearing you whine. Let all of us who follow you and find you wonderful help you. Nattering at them, isn’t going to help you. They don’t give a shit. We do, let us help. ~~dru~~


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