Harvesting Followers and Leads

Harvesting followers and leads is when a blogger or individual visits another blog and uses their comments or interaction as a mailing list. People often do this when they are trying to grow a project, gain new subscribers, or looking for worthy bloggers to network with. When a blogger uses a post meant for socialization or networking, such as my Meet and Greet thread found HERE, it is considered OK. Those posts, threads, or boards are meant to be a forum for interaction and meeting other bloggers. The issue rises though when people harvest followers from smaller blogs. Mainly they are looking to “gain” the interaction you have already garnered. By pickpocketing your small circle, and the “small circles” of hundreds of other bloggers, one blogger can essential create their own “larger circle” of contacts.

Why do bloggers do this? It is simple really. For those of us into promotion and marketing we are constantly looking for where the activity is happening. Activity is the realtime interaction many of us seek online and is why a lot of online users create social groups. Harvesting the followers, the active followers, of other blogs leads to new levels of socialization and a growth in numbers. This is the primary reason many bloggers will browse lists of blogs and will network within their own network. This is also why some people will notice the extra “click outs” from their stat page because their blog has just become an outlet for someone to use. You have been harvested.

That is why you see the numbers that you do.






27 thoughts on “Harvesting Followers and Leads

  1. I try and follow blogs that actually interest me. I don’t think I do self promotion but I guess in some way I probably do with my content. I mean I want my posts to be read, liked and commented on. The only time I leave a link to my blog is when it accompanies a post to a shout out I do for bloggers so they know I am interested in them.

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      • Yes, so true! I notice that my primary following are people I actively follow and interact with. I never follow a blog I’m not actually interested in and in all honesty, usually unfollow if I lose interest only to end up following them again because my interests seem to change with the seasons.
        Yeah I know. I’m flaky. But damnit, I’m working on it.


  2. I have never noticed that, but then maybe no one is interested in my followers! LOL. I hate to plug my blog on anyone’s post but on occasion when I see a blog I think would be interested in what I blog, because our interests are alike, I will tell them to go to my gravatar and find me if they are interested. I learned very early on that some people are offended when you just obviously promote yourself.

    It’s easy to see when someone isn’t interested in the blog, they they just want to advertise themselves. Not long ago there was a young woman whose blog was makeup and fashion. She posted a comment on a blog that had nothing to do with fashion or make up and said nothing about the post. She said she wanted to get new followers so please follower her back to her own blog. I imagine she did this to other blogs as well. She seemed like a fairly new blogger and I thought maybe she didn’t realize what she did was rude. I sent her a msg and explained it wasn’t good blogger etiquette to use other people’s blogs to create a following. Wow! – On that other blog she called me every name in the book, said she did that all the time and people loved it that they could find her now because of course everyone is interested in what she was selling, put me down in English and French ( but was oriental) and made a total ass out of herself. How dare I tell her how to do things! She was so successful with her 300 total followers from all sm. I apologized to the owner of the blog ( we had been arranging and internet radio session) and asked him to delete the things she wrote. Okay, maybe it wasn’t my place to tell her. I also told her to check with the WordPress forum and ask if advertising on someone elses blog was cool. When I was a beginner I learned a lot from people who had been around. If I did a faux pas I didn’t get verbally abusive, i said thanks for letting me know.

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      • There was one time I posted a comment on someone’s blog and I gave them a “follow” then I mentioned maybe you can check out my blog, too and provided a link to my blog. This person never “approved” my comment. It’s been several weeks and I noticed the person who’s a “daily” blogger was responding to the other bloggers but totally ignored mine. So I unfollowed that person coz I thought that was rude, it hurt my feelings coz it was making me think what I did wrong, I just started a few days before if that person cared to check, like SonniQ. I would have appreciated an honest comment. Later on I found out that when you leave a link to your blog it may be considered SPAM. It would’ve been nice to know but for a newbie how would I without anyone showing me the ropes. It didn’t occur to me to read a blogging etiquette book. So I consider that blogger a jerk in my book. He/she could’ve just edited that part instead, but no. Sorry, I guess I’m still bitter. 😦

        I believe in Givers gain. I like what you guys do.I have seen a lot of bloggers who try to promote other bloggers and try to empower a blogging community. It really shows the character of the person.

        ❀ BP

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  3. Interesting perspective I hadn’t really considered before. I’ve participated in a couple meet and greets but didn’t realize this what something that happened. I’m always interested in figuring out how to gain and retain followers who I like to think of more like friends…I’ll have to consider if it could be improved by making better content worth sticking around for….???

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