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I expect anyone that guest blogs on my blog to “blog” similar to how I do. That means responding to comments, following up with people, and monitoring their posts. This is a minimum expectation I have for any blogger I read, follow, or allow on my website. Bloggers that fail to uphold the same standards I have for my webpageΒ aren’t invited to guest blog again. That is how serious I take it.

I often see bloggers flippantly say “blogging is supposed to be fun! Blogging is not work!”

True, blogging should be fun, but “fun” for you is different than “fun” for me. Fun for you may include logging in, creating a post, publishing it, and reading a few blogs. I am glad that is fun for you.

“Fun” for me includes responding to lots of emails, scheduling posts, visiting blogs, reading blogs, responding to comments on seven platforms, checking up on those I am assisting, thinking of posts, writing new posts, creating new projects, running current projects, expanding platforms, networking on new platforms, and basic research. That is “fun” for me on a daily basis. So when people say “blogging isn’t work” I scoff at them. Maybe blogging isn’t work for you, but to some of us it is. And that IS fun to us! That is also why we take it so seriously.

People must always remember that blogging is a very broad term and we are all here blogging in our own way. If you guest blog for other bloggers be sure and take note of their standards. Pay attention to how they do things and what type of blog they run. If you can’t match their same passion and uphold the standard they have set for their blog then don’t write for them! You aren’t doing those people any favors by devaluing their platform with your less than enthusiastic participation.

-Opinionated Man




24 thoughts on “Guest Blogging On My Blog

  1. hmm i see quite informative and thanks for telling what is fun for you and others i think then you should tell your guest bloggers what type of post you want and how should the standard of that be it will be helpful for them and as you mentioned about your projects yeah it seems a lot of work for you everyone takes the work they can do it to relax i guess so without stress like we have in schools and colleges and good luck and have success πŸ™‚

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  2. It’s funny. Even though I’m not the most active blogger in the world when it comes to actual posting (I kick myself for not being sometimes), my mindset when it comes to the blog is almost like work. I talk about it to others as if it’s my job. I treat it as a hobby to take at least a bit seriously. Though I think you said it best, that blogging is a broad term and so is each person’s definition of fun. If I were to ever get a guest blog spot on your blog, I’d at least have the courtesy to uphold your values the best I can. I’d want anyone else to treat my blog the way I want it to be treated.

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  3. Blogging is fun but a lot of work, even with my small blog of followers. I don’t know how you do it. I have two Twitter Pages, five Facebook pages and two blog platforms, Pinterest, Linked In, Instagram and a church Facebook page. All of them have faithful followers with comments and it’s time consuming to keep up… But I love it! Maybe one day, I’ll write that book I dream of.πŸ˜ƒ

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  4. Please tell me I’ll be invited to [not] guest post again. I don’t think I missed responding to a single comment or at least “liking” the last comment in a chain if I didn’t have anything more to add. Was I supposed to always get the last comment in? Hopefully, I haven’t committed any blogging faux pas. I did love getting all those views and likes!

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  5. Well said Jason. I’ve never guest blogged but I would do my homework if I did. And I’d expect others to do the same. I’m with you, blogging IS fun but it’s also work and it takes ongoing commitment to write, read, follow up and generally interact. A balance that I try and keep daily (but sometimes goes out the window when a busy life gets in the way!)

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