Apparently Men Hate Me



31 thoughts on “Apparently Men Hate Me

  1. They’re just SAYING “I hate that feminist-bashing Opinionated Man” to appear sensitive and increase their chances of gettin’ some PV$$% It’s fooling no one. Well, it’s fooling that one over there, but you can’t tell her anything.


  2. what do they know? they just wanna be a ninja like you. I wanna be a ninja too but that means fast moves, leaping tall buildings and springing up like a cat at the drop of a hat. I’m more of a hop, skip & a jump kinda guy now.

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  3. That’s not true. Men like you, but our gender just has better things to do with their time than sitting around reading and commenting on numerous blog posts. πŸ˜‰ (oh, yeah! I went there!!) lol!

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