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  1. Just posted my latest piece this afternoon. It’s called “Tripartite Poetry Regarding the Human Psyche of the Emotionally Inept Girl.” It’s something new for me, and I would really enjoy feedback. Even if you call me out on how silly it may be. =) Link posted below. Thanks to Jason for the opportunity, and to all of the lovely bloggers participating.



  2. I have dreams of starting a movement that will help people achieve their dreams. I pray for a world of hurt souls to one day be able to give them just an ounce of hope that everything will be ok. I dream of inspiring other women to realize their power. I hope to one day influence young girls to never give up no matter what life hands you. My prayer is that this guide will help you and me keep going and keep smiling.

    Motivator, Self-Love Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, Rape Victim Support, Women’s Empowerment, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Hygiene, Physical Health, Mental Health, Spiritual Health, Mother’s Support!!!!!


    U.G.L.Y Forever


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