Why We Like To Blame The Gorilla Parents, The Alligator Parents & Everyone Else

I was very happy to hear the parents in the alligator incident won’t be suing Disney! I agree we often blame the parents. Sometimes they deserve it. 😉
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Growing Toward the Sun

When something terrible happens, I noticed that all the blamers seem to surface almost instantly. I was thinking of the parents of the little boy in the city of Orlando who was dragged to his death by an alligator. Is there any bigger nightmare?! People are criticizing them because there is a sign that says “No Swimming” even though the kid was just hanging out near the edge. It really could have happened to anyone. We’ve played on that shore many times. But people really seem to take comfort in assigning blame in these scenarios.

“Blame is the discharging of discomfort and pain.”—Brené Brown

Situations like this freak us out because they are so horrible and make things feel so wildly out of control. I was thinking last night how our first instinct is to try to pin it on someone so we can feel better. We need to feel in control…

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