What It Means To Turn 22

Yea 22 is one of those “none years,” but then you hit 23 and get that car insurance deduction right? Happy late birthday! -OM
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My Life As Izrael

Turning 22

Just a few days ago, I officially turned 22. The day compromised of me having a normal routine. There was nothing special done that day and no celebration. It was such a typical day. In all honesty, I even forgot about my own birthday before my mother wished me. It was hilarious as that I didn’t remember it myself.

Looking back at past 22 years, I reflected upon the things that I learned which shaped me into who I am today. Be it if it is a positive or negative experience, it has helped to form my perspective now. I couldn’t be where I am today and be proud of myself without all of these.

1. Things change, friends leave and life doesn’t stop for anybody

That is the hardest reality that I could ever learn. Before that, I have always thought that the friends I made in school…

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