Truth Terrorism

The world is going down the never-ending gutter! -OM
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Daisy in the Willows

What is this world we live in?

Where is it heading?

Everyday, it seems  like the poverty gap gets wider and bigger.

Politic puppets play a big part in creating a vibe that people as a collective are a  maudlin sinner.

Imposing their views on us and calling it uncensored media;

Taking our men,women,mothers,fathers, sons and daughters into a war zone- using pawns is far easier.

Kill the fanatics – before the enemy strikes.

Is it just me who can see through the sandstorm of the political game?

They always seem to rise above the shit and stand out like bright kites.

A Mary Poppins  tale this is most certainly not.

Chim chimney  soot is all our leaders blow out, leaving us covered in their web  -like ,grimy snot.

 Who is profiting the most from his world?

The ones who fight for humanity, until they have it burnt out of…

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