Great bloggers (unedited)

Great bloggers to me never have to tell you how great they are. You just see them and know their blog is great. Blogging is like the book industry in many ways. Many “great” bloggers get overlooked and that’s just how it is. This goes for bloggers that write, share photography, artwork, food, design, or are simply here to socialize. We all blog.

I’ve seen some great blogs that instantly engage me. It may be a title that grabs me, a website that’s been touched and perfected, or a blogger that frequently posts and also engaged their audience. We don’t all have the time for this and that is why it stands out to me. I enjoy blogs that frequently post. Dormant or weekly bloggers simply can’t hold my attention because it feels scripted to me when someone presents their life in a scheduled manner. Obviously I get this can be a necessity due to how busy people are, nonetheless that is my opinion.

I respin posts and piggyback them with a new one. I don’t set a standard for posting and I actually have slowed done considerably from my younger blogging days in 2013. That guy was an eager beaver for sure. I will say that I don’t consider myself a great blogger. I’m good, but there is so much to learn. So much to do. A great blog… I just don’t see how one individual ever does it. Runs it. And keeps it running. Not and do a full time day job like I do. Don’t even throw in a family with two kids in the picture.

I understand the next step for me and I’m still considering the angles. When you’ve expanded yourself as far as you can go the only choice after is to expand your boundary. That requires more hands. I’m not sure I’m prepared for that.


-Opinionated Man



26 thoughts on “Great bloggers (unedited)

  1. OM – you sent me a note not long ago, just kinda asking how I was doing – it meant a lot. You consistently stay connected to us and make us a priority in an already full life – Thank you!

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  2. I love blogging. It will be one year in September since I started and I just love what I have received and strangely given to other people. I used to blog everyday – read as many posts as I can but life does get in the way so I can only do my best. That is all one can expect of oneself. There are some bloggers out there who I think should be a roaring success with their specific talent but life gives you a certain hand and you play it the best way you can. Good luck for the future J.

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  3. Another good’un, Cush. Personally, I just can’t get into the mindset of thinking about what others might want to read. Writing the blog, just as with my fiction writing, I have to write about what interests me. Sometimes it connects with others, sometimes it lies flat on the floor like a deflated balloon. I try to respond to every comment because I truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to engage with me. Waller County is too small to have a circle of friends, a little arc is about all you can expect, so I am pleased to receive thought stimulation through this medium.

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  4. Who Weeps for the Blogger? 07/21/2016, Deon Mumple
    (Dedicated to Jason Cushman, but not about Jason Cushman)

    Who weeps for the blogger who just can’t keep up,
    Who writes and writes hard and his writing still sucks,
    Who works at a day job wishing to be free,
    Who goes home every day to his family?

    Who weeps for the blogger who pays his own bills,
    While wishing for sponsors, followers and thrills?
    I am that very blogger, but I’ll never see
    Anyone ever weeping, yes, weeping, for me.

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