Book Promotion Services – How They Actually Work


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Any who, let’s sit.

Today, we’re discussing a much needed, and often controversial, subject: Book Promotion Services. The question is often, do they work?

I’ll start by saying that I’ve been surprised concerning the information asked of me after purchasing a Book Promo service. “Why does it matter how many reviews I have? You’re supposed to be promoting me!” Let’s start with some basics. What is Book Promo anyway?

Book Promotion happens anytime a third party person or group of people promote your books. That’s basically it to keep it simple. Book Promotion is a necessary part of the book publishing process. It ensures everyone is aware of your book. This is important because if no one knows that your book exists, no one will buy it. However, I’m not sure that many people understand how they work.

Book Promotion is not a free ride. It does not, alone, sell books. In fact, no one can ever guarantee a book sell and I think this is where the confusion is. Book Promotion sites do not sell books. Not exactly. You sell your book and book Promotion sites increase the chances of you being able to sell your book  by making it visible. This is the basic foundation of a book promotion service: To make your books visible. Book Promotion sites advertise, for lack of a better term, your book. The perk is that the promoter has thousands of followers that you do not have and thus access to a wide audience range. Just look around Jason’s site, see what I mean? I have yet to reach the 1,000 follower mark and Jason has 58,727 so his Book Promotion service is a benefit to Authors like me. A Book Promotion service can range from adding your cover to their website, to posting a link to your book across their social media pages. Again, the perk is that their social media following is far greater than yours.

By promoting to a large audience, the Book Promotion site is not necessarily targeting your target audience or readers who enjoy your genre. As a promotional service they are releasing the news about your book to their wide range of readers, be that a blog (*Waves to Jason’s readers, hey huns*) or a website. What Authors have to understand is that this wide range is good on one level; that level being casting the net into the sea. The good thing is that the sea is large. The not so good thing is that the sea is too large. It’s not your target audience. While Book Promoters cast the net, it is the author’s job to pull the fish in that bite because chances are the fish that bite are part of  your target audience, or people who are interested in the kinds of books that you write.

As an author, the bulk of the work is still yours. Here’s Why: Book Promotion sites only work if the author does. To get the most out of any promo site you choose to use, including Jason’s Book Promotion Service, is to contribute to that process. If a book promoter tweets about your book, re-tweet it or thank them openly for doing so. If a book promoter blogs about your book, re-blog it to your followers and ask if you can guest blog on their website.

If your book cover is promoted, submit sample chapters to the blogger or promotion site that advertises your cover and ask if they could promote those sample chapters. Or, simply ask to be interviewed. When you land the interview, post about it, promote it, and don’t stop talking about it. The key to book promotion is that your job is to keep the buzz going. The only way book promotion sites are effective, is if the author is working as closely as possible with the service provider. The service provider charges and will get paid for putting the time in to make sure everyone knows about your book. Their services vary and are priced accordingly. In short, they are paid to promote your book, though this is not the only perk. Another perk is that you get to use their name.

When a popular promotional service re-tweets or mentions you or your book, you get to take advantage of their named brand as an official stamp of approval so that readers can look and see that you’re a legit author (which in a world where millions of books are Self-Published a day, is another huge plus so that your book does not get lost). This is probably my favorite part of Book Promotion services, avoiding the getting lost part. What I love about Jason is his consistent posting strategy. I’m a busy person. I do not say this to toot my own horn or to sound important because I’m not. I say it because it’s true. For this reason, it helps to see my book pop up every now and again and it triggers a remembrance in my mind to be actively involved. This means that it also helps my readers and potential readers to REMEMBER ME. The best part of Jason and other promo sites for me is that my book is not forgotten or lost in this sea that is Self-Publishing.

The service provider of the Book Promotion Service in short, makes some much needed noise about your book, but it is still up to YOU to keep the momentum going by working side by side with your provider so that your books do not just rust away on their website, but stands out.

It’s like a parent who sends their children to school. The teachers are paid to teach according to the curriculum, but as the parent you do not solely rely on that teacher to provide your children with the information they need. It is because of such laziness that many students do not have the basic skills that they should. That is, because the lessons are not reinforced at home. I used to teach so I’m speaking from experience.

Likewise, the Book Promoter is paid to offer their service, that is promoting your book, but you do not solely rely on them to get the word out. Why? Because even though you paid them, they’re casting a net into a large sea. Your job is to pull from that sea potential reader, those who enjoy the kinds of books you write.

To make the most of any Promo Service, do not settle for your book cover to just sit on a website. That literally does nothing and is not worth paying for. To make the most out of your book promotion service, invest in a service that at least pushes your book to the faces of readers by way of social media posts or blog posts. In this way, you can complement that force with re-tweets, re-blogs, and follow-ups.

I also recommend you look into sites that:

a. Promote the kinds of books you write

b. Are managed by real people.

What you pay for when you hire me is an active promoter that will continue to find ways to promote your title. If you want a robot to do your work I get it… robots need love too. I can’t guarantee book sales as I have said before, but I can guarantee one thing. I can always guarantee the work I’ll put in and the effort I’ll make to hopefully ensure you are satisfied with my part of the contract.” – Jason Cushman

My coffee is gone so that means its time to go. In closing, I recommend staying as close to the book promotion process as possible to increase your results. Reach out and stay connected.

The Road to Freedom

Copyright ©2016. Literary Korner Publishing. Yecheilyah Ysrayl.

Copyright ©2016. Literary Korner Publishing. Yecheilyah Ysrayl.

About This Book: Deeply concerned about the state of Black America, a fight with his brother compels a young Joseph to leave his mother’s house and join his friends for a trip to Atlanta for SNCC’s (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) second conference. Excited to live life on their own, Jo and his friends have left school and the lives they were living for a chance to become part of the movement. With no money and essentially no plan the seven friends, three black and four white, set out for the road when they are stopped by a racist cop who makes them exit the car. The teens are unaware that a mob of Klansmen also await them at the New Orleans bus terminal.

Find out in the 3rd installment of the Stella Trilogy (also read as a standalone) how Joseph and his friends discover the truth about themselves in the Jim Crow south, on The Road to Freedom.  Blog    Author Website    Twitter    Facebook

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