Opinionated Man Didn’t Want Me!

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Not Cordelia's Mom

I’ve been rejected.  Yes, you got that right.  When I learned that CookieCakes had been invited by Opinionated Man to guest post on his site, and that she was unable to do so because of her job hunting, I decided to step in and sent OM the following email and draft post.  He refused to publish it, giving me some load of crap about having to go over to his house to do it myself.  How naïve does he think I am?

Here’s the email and the post – you decide if it would have been worth of posting on the Opinionated Man site.



By Not Cordelia’s Mom

A.  You start off, for whatever reason, because you want to write down your thoughts, but then you get drawn into that whole “how many followers can I get?” trap.  And how many followers do you get? …

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