Blogging & Censorship

How important is success to you? Would the popularity of your blog ever control what you share? If you had been this Chinese blogger what would you have done differently to keep from losing it all in a blink of an eye…

-Opinionated Man



9 thoughts on “Blogging & Censorship

  1. As with so many aspects of our lives, it comes down to the “Benjamins” (or the Chinese equivalent). As one squirrel was overheard saying to another, “it’s all fun and games until someone loses a nut.” You blog for fun, you become popular beyond your wildest imaginings, you monetize the blog and quit your day job. With the new perspective, and given censorship considerations, your priorities and choices have to change. It’s legitimate to ask, in her quest to rebuild is Shameless attempting to recapture the original spirit of fun and adventure or is recovering the income her driving force?

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  2. “Would the popularity of your blog ever control what you share?” That depends on what your blog is supposed to be for. If it’s supposed to be more of a personal blog and you just depend on what others want all the time, that defeats the purpose.

    “If you had been this Chinese blogger what would you have done differently to keep from losing it all in a blink of an eye…” If I JUST wanted to be popular and if I believe I’m a good writer no matter what, I would’ve written other stuff that I was sure people would love. OR I could’ve just refrained from posting that picture or mentioning the president, which would have been the wise thing to do.

    I’m all about free speech (I personally know a political humorist here and have laughed reading his posts), but I’m just going to comment on the WHY her blog was shut down. She KNEW she was treading on dangerous grounds, she knew that where she was/is, censorship is an issue. She knew the “atmosphere” so she was brave (or just too popularity-hungry, I dunno) to continue and she probably wasn’t even seen as a threat before so they let her blog grow in popularity and earnings (lucky her!). As she said, it was only after THAT post with the pic of the President. It’s not true that she didn’t know why her blog was shut down. Come on, she’s in a strict country and her blog was supposed to be humorous, then she took a stab at the big leader so they could laugh at his hair. Naturally, that happened. Wouldn’t it be unfair if others got punished and she didn’t? She was lucky enough that was the only thing she got.

    In doing things, you either enjoy or suffer the consequences. I just hope she was wise enough to save up.

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  3. I am such a huge fan of free speech, even idiotic free speech that I really want to make sure what happens in some other countries can never happen in the US. So knowing me, I would probably rather defiantly double down and just lose followers.

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  4. [ Smiles ] Hmm. It should have been a WordPress blog; since they do not remove them out of political pressure.

    Censorship is quite the monster in these modern times.

    By the way, you are quite outspoken. Have you ever feared having your blog pulled down?

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