Have I ever visited your blog?

I’m creating my reading list for this next week. I miss blogs sometimes. It happens and I’ll skip over someone unintentionally! Even Koreans make mistakes. Have I ever visited your website? Leave me your link and I will visit if I have missed you! I’m always up for an amusing read. People even send me posts by email and I don’t mind that either. Have something original you want to guest post here? Email me. 🙂

My scale thinks that I am 139. Interesting.


42 thoughts on “Have I ever visited your blog?

  1. You have visited my blog thanks to your piece that I responded to with the story Violated.

    And if you weigh 139 I’m not sure I like you anymore!

    And I work for a prestige medical group and we have just added a new doc to our group. He’s last name is Yoon. I call him the “Yoonabomber” he cracks up. And he says I’m crazy. But I disagree I don’t think you guys are ever wrong.


  2. I do believe you’ve visited my blog before. It’s been about a year and a half or two, maybe. I have always appreciated that visit though. I found your blog, and a world of information along with it. Not to mention all the networking opportunities. My blog focuses on poetry and creative writing. Currently going through and editing / reworking for a manuscript. Thanks for everything!


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