People are mean on Facebook. 😢


But it sure is amusing!



13 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. It depends on where you look. I see a lot of positive, supportive, encouraging posts on Facebook. I run in to occasional haters, mostly on political posts, but if you’re finding a lot of meanness, I’d say it’s time to unfriend some people. Same thing with WordPress and twitter: Unfollow mean people.


  2. My biggest effort on FB is avoiding the family drama my little sisters seem to try to create all over it & now my oldest niece (clearly she learned to create a public spectacle of every little thing from her mother). I just don’t comprehend the need to blow things up into huge proportions & air all grievances in the most public of ways.


  3. It truly is amazing how many people have “Facebook perfect lives” I for one do not. So what I post is a look at me. Don’t like it? Unfriend me. I unfriend people all day long. It amuses me. 😜


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