Daily 2

Ok confession. I’m not a fan of balloons. Ever since I was scarred as a child by watching the movie IT (who would have thought a single movie could ruin clowns and balloons for me) I have hated them. They pop, they scare me, and I honestly hate surprises. Not unless my horse turns into a unicorn and carries me off to the land of bacon…


18 thoughts on “Daily 2

  1. Land of bacon!? Ha! Trader joe’s has bits and pieces bags for 3.50 and it is wonderful!
    And I know a few people who feel that way about clowns and balloons – and after having seen the pink balloon I see you are moving forward with dealing with this – ha!

    And to help you maybe like balloons a little more – two tidbits – first – I heard that some folks use blowing up balloons to improve lung capacity – and well – it can also calm someone down to blow up a few balloons.
    And a cheesy little game can be played where kids have to gently keep a ballon in the air – little pats and balancing help focus and then can be bonding to see who is balanced enough to keep their balloon going the longest – like when our kids were
    Little we did this impromptu one day and someone kept their balloon going for a long time and had bragging rights!

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