Guest Post – Poetic RITUals by Ritu Bhathal

Hi there!

I’m Ritu Bhathal. I know that a few of you know me, but I’m also pretty sure that out of 50,000 (or so) followers of Dr C, as I call him, or OM as you know him, the percentage who don’t know me will be pretty high!

So, who am I?


Well, as I said before, my name is Ritu, and I am a wife, mother, teacher, blogger, writer and all round crazily busy 40-year-old woman.

I have been blogging for a little under 2 years, at But I Smile Anyway and this discovery of blogging got my creative juices flowing.  So much so, that all of a sudden, I had a whole bunch of poems, which I then got the courage to put together and publish!

Jason has kindly allowed me to take his blog over, for a post or 2, to help promote this new book. It is a poetry anthology called Poetic RITUals,  with a mix of verse, about a variety of subjects, from Family and Love, to Life and General Humour.


And so far, on Amazon, it has received 2 5-star reviews too!

Judy wrote:

This book is jam-packed with fun, smiles, laughter and even a bit of the Awww factor. Ritu’s writing is refreshing.and honest; she puts her heart and soul into this book, and it shows. A must-read, especially if you need perking up!

And the other review,

I love this book. My daughter and I have been reading a few poems from it and cannot wait to read more. Lots of funny bits. I can really relate to some of the poems. Some of the best poetry I have read. I’m truly inspired. This book is a must read.

And in case you want a little taster of the kind of poems I write, here is one entitled The Look, read by myself.

So please, if you like, do take a trip to Amazon! It’s available on Amazon worldwide on Kindle, and in Paperback too!

38 thoughts on “Guest Post – Poetic RITUals by Ritu Bhathal

  1. hi,

    I want to have a guest post in ur blog of my poetries?
    do u have such provision?.if yes,then how can I do so..& if no..then can u please suggest where I can post as a guest blogger or can u give some links of those bloggers with large no of followers & who allows guest posts



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