Blogging – To niche or not to niche

We all blog in our own way and we find what works for us. Some of us seek out like minded bloggers and form communities around our niche. Others, like me, enjoy a wide range of blogs and topics that keep our readers interesting. We freely share our lives and our lives will never belong to a specific category or topic. Our blogs are our current interests and our current interests change daily. Because of this we will never be labeled as niche bloggers.

There are many people online that consider themselves “blogging experts.” These people are generally marketers or online networkers and they pride themselves on knowing how “SEO” and “google analytic” works. Many of these bloggers and media “experts” will tell you that to create a successful blog one must pick a niche to blog in. They will push you to separate your content based on subject because they don’t think that variety or personal blogs can ever be successful. These “blogging experts” are wrong.

I am in no way a blogging expert and I know this because I learn new things each day. I have built a lot of networking experience online though and most of that knowledge comes firsthand from doing networking daily through this blog I created 3 years ago. The same blogging experts telling people to find their niche told me the same thing when I started. I ignored them and now have a WordPress subscriber base of over 50,000 bloggers and 1,380,000 views that grows daily. I have never followed a niche of any sort on HarsH ReaLiTy and the only goal of my website has always been the free sharing of opinion. I blog about anything really and I also enjoy sharing what I learn about social media as I do it.

Bloggers should decide for themselves if they wish to niche blog or not. The part that is overlooked is that a niche blog may serve the blogger, but the readers are the ones engaging the site. Have you honestly ever met a reader that is only interested in reading one topic? I am sure those exist, but for the most part bloggers enjoy mixing it up and finding variety all in the same place. That is what is great not only about “blogs,” but also about this platform WordPress. You can find any topic that interests you here and that mixture of subject matter is what is so great about the blogosphere.

Decide what works best for you. I freely give my point of view on blogging and even provide free blog advice, but I attempt to make it clear that these are my opinions on blogging in general. What works for me may not work for you. What works for those “blogging experts” may not work for you either. Let them stick to their expertise and let the rest of the blogosphere turn back to what we enjoy. A platform of sharing, a platform of interaction, and the freedom to share what we choose and in our own way.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman



19 thoughts on “Blogging – To niche or not to niche

  1. Hi Jason, I like your post, as these days we worry too much about finding a niche, but I have heard that is the only way you will be paid for your blogging. I’ve been trying to find a niche now for a couple of months, but there are so many. I expect I will find one soon. Great advice though. Veronica@wRiteInK


  2. I have always thought that the key to my failure was my refusal to stay in the ‘bipolar box.’ I find it boring. I talk about human rights, my interests like cooking and books that I read to balance all the bipolarspeak and bipolar groupthink in the magazines I write for. I want, above all, to connect with other writers and thinkers…a truther here and there if I am lucky.

    For example, I’m a former copywriter I can’t help but crack jokes about that lame Wells Fargo full page ads in the NYT, the traditional ‘house ad’ with the horses pulling the wagon in the prairie…. after all that has happened with their phony accounts to make sales targets just like what caused the financial crisis?

    I have bipolar disorder but that doesn’t mean I fail to engage in other parts of life. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, OM is very pleasing to the eye as a person person as to measure his irrestistable polarity in print. You either love Jason or hate him. heheh He might get mean on me if I overstep my bounds or ask same question 8 times but you gotta love a loudmouth who stands behind their convictions.

    oh…and I’m gonna post some of this on my site, ok? Call me Lazy….or call me Allison Strong


  3. My blog is…strange. It’s essentially one big fanfic.

    I guess I still keep it on the site because who knows? Someone might want to read it. (even though I deride it as garbage, I suppose I still hope someone else will like it)

    So I guess my blog is just an odd fanfic that’s free for people to read if they like. (A rather weird and adult fanfic, but still)

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  4. People keep telling me to be more focused, that it would help me get more readers. I don’t know about that. I agree with you Jason, that most people have more than one interest.
    My main focus is maritime (boats, ships, sailing, maritime history, events, etc), but I also blog about travel/photography (which I LOVE) and food, drinks, books, music, movies that I think others might also enjoy. I also post sometimes about politics, mostly because it PISSES ME OFF that it’s so unavoidable in our life now a days. I don’t know if that helps or hurts, but I want to keep my blog ME, and not fake it for the sake of increasing readership.
    I just got back from the travel blog exchange in MN (TBEX), they all kept talking about being authentic. I am, and I will stay that way. I always said ‘if people don’t like me the way I am, then they can just fuck off!’. I’m not running a beauty contest. I do NOT support ‘political correctness’ in ANY way, shape or form. I think it is much more about thought control than being polite. Hopefully, there are still some people out there who appreciate that sort of thing.


  5. My blog would be considered a niche blog since I write specifically about mental health, and more specifically about bipolar disorder. I don’t want that to be all that I am so I am branching out a bit and hopefully more down the road. I’m also working on my first novel, and my goal will be to promote that as well.


  6. To me the Reader is like a giant virtual newspaper with topics on everything under the sun. And we get to choose what we want to read. Same goes for our writing. It’s awesome really.

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  7. Reblogged this on Wyrdwend and commented:

    I solved this problem by developing four different blogs for my various interests in life. And although each is primarily niched (literary, gaming, business, and general life) each is also a sort of open ended Renaissance/Polymath effort.

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