Action is what counts

It’s the little things done each day that make a lasting impression. Giving and sharing of one’s ideas, time, money or skills are what brings happiness to yourself and others.  At least that is the viewpoint of Author Mary Rensberry in her new e-book entitled, Christmas Christmas Everyday. Get and Read the book-Christmas Christmas Everyday…

Blogging thoughts

Originally posted on Owning a dog with anxiety:
I’ve been blogging for about a month now.  Funny how I “don’t have time” for a whole host of things including cleaning house and working out, but I seemed to have found a lot of it for reading blogs.  Priorities. Here are some thoughts from this one…

Welcome to HarsH ReaLiTy!

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People think it is hard. It isn’t. Do unto other bloggers as you would have them do to you. Don’t be a prick. I try not to be. Meet people and don’t be afraid to comment. Guess what? They sometimes return the favor. Imagine that. Connections are why we are here. Blogging is whatever you…


Terms I Use

Reboot – This is the equivalent to saying reblog. I simply hate saying the same word repeatedly so I’ll use the word reboot a lot. The Board – I come from the days of the forum and the message board. Before the time of instant messengers when you actually had to wait on a response…