People think it is hard. It isn’t.

Do unto other bloggers as you would have them do to you.

Don’t be a prick. I try not to be.

Meet people and don’t be afraid to comment. Guess what? They sometimes return the favor. Imagine that.

Connections are why we are here. Blogging is whatever you wish to share with the world. I write, she paints, he is doing some kinda artistic expression with fire (Gary is strange). It is all blogging.

We blog and we log on to view your world. Show it to us.




Terms I Use

Reboot – This is the equivalent to saying reblog. I simply hate saying the same word repeatedly so I’ll use the word reboot a lot.

The Board – I come from the days of the forum and the message board. Before the time of instant messengers when you actually had to wait on a response from someone. When I say “the board” I mean my wall of posts.

A Thread – A thread is a post or a conversation thread within the post.

Links – For some reason many people have a hard time understanding what a link is. A link is the URL address of whatever it is you are trying to share. So when I say “send me the link,” I mean… send me the POST link or blog link.



There a few misconceptions I’d like to clear up. I think some people have the wrong opinion.

This site was not created to tear down other bloggers. I’ve heard that said about HR. Any swipes I make at bloggers in general are always done in a general nature and are never meant to be personal. The only time I am ever talking about a specific blogger is when I state their name. You will never have to guess around here.

I interact with a lot of bloggers, but I obviously have a smaller “group” I consider regulars. It is for those people that I WILL call out things I think are worthy of note, like the post on websites mass emailing people. I would hope those people would do the exact same thing for me in turn.

Blogging etiquette is the manner in which you blog and act online. While never being afraid to share an opinion, I do strive to project a mannerism that is mature and humorous at the same time. I don’t always succeed, but that is blogging to me. Each post is the challenge of the day, of the moment.

To those I’ve offended with my opinions I wish you the best. But to those that simply misunderstand my blog, my writing, and me in general I have only one thing to say. It is a large internet world and room for us both. Just stay the fuck over there.


Just a Blogger

Unedited mumbling.

I’m just a blogger. I am not an author, I don’t own a publishing company, I have no contacts in the higher circles of wherever…

I write, but I don’t consider myself a writer. I don’t follow the rules of writing, I don’t even know them.

I have never been Freshly Pressed. Never written on a major website like some of you. Never even thought about it honestly.

I work a regular day job like many of you. Like many of you I hope to write for a living some day. I blog because it makes me feel better. I blog because it is one of the few things I’m good at. I blog because I don’t meet many people in my daily life and the online world affords me the social interaction I require without the physical contact.

I don’t always know the best answer or right answer. But I’ll share an answer.

I don’t care if people hate this website. I’m always pleased when bloggers come around. I do what I can for bloggers, when I can, where I can.

I make money on the side off this website. Enough to keep it running. Some bloggers look down on me for monetizing a portion of my platforms. Some bloggers would care about negative views.

I don’t care. Because what are you to me if you hate me? Another letter, another world on a screen. All the same to me. I see past you.

I write because I like to write, not because I think I’m good at it. I don’t think I’m that great and conplients are a dime a dozen. They don’t mean much to me, and yet I appreciate them.

I appreciate bloggers that come around. I visit as many blogs as I can. If I’ve missed your blog drop me a line. I can’t find what  can’t be found…


I’m going to bed. Not gonna edit.

Writing Me

I have begun to dig a little deeper.

I am writing me. I am writing the words that have bounced around in my soul for most of my life.

Releasing them like canaries from the cage of my heart, I feel my soul thank me from the relief. I pen the things that should not be because I can.

Writing me because no one else will.

No one else could.