Color Me

Different colors, single rows.

Watch me melt their very souls.

Melting souls. Come unfold.

Adding to my truth be told.

Painted world, come paint me now.

Paint me one colorful smile.

Colored expression, I’ll color you too.

Anchored by the sky so blue.

Come release me, release me now.

Fill my world with painted clouds.



Child Leashes?

We have all seen these right? If you are in America you can’t help but see them. I am sure many of us have opinions on how they look and whether they are necessary. Many of those opinions will mirror the comments made in the attached link. After the recent gorilla incident, the idea of leash laws is brewing hot. What is your opinion? Do you think child leashes are acceptable, necessary, or humiliating? Do you have children and do you use them?

As many know I am a father. I have two children that are barely over a year apart in age. There were times when it was hard to watch them, but parenting is hard! Real parenting is hard! It takes constant work to teach AND train your children how to behave in public. I have never used a leash on my kids. I think they are stupid, they look stupid, and they make you look like a horrible parent. The only time I’d ever consider it close to necessary is when I see a super mom or dad watching 3 or 4 kids alone! That is hard work and sometimes you need help to guarantee safety. I STILL wouldn’t use a leash, but I wouldn’t look down on a parent for using one in that unique situation.

What I see often isn’t the above scenario. When I see parents using these leashes in most cases it is single parent with one child! Sometimes I’ll even see a group of adults, obviously the parents with friends, and they’ll still be using a leash and there is only one child!!! That is ridiculous to me. It makes a kid look like a dog and the parents don’t look like parents. They look like dog handlers who are walking their charge. Does that offend you? Well now you know what people are thinking when you use one.


Dear Fathers…

Dear Fathers,

I recently read an “open letter” from a “father” who was experiencing his first time being a stay at home dad. While I appreciate the effort by this male, I can’t help but be annoyed by the article and the popularity it is gaining. For starters this individual is simply feeding into the still living stereotype that men don’t do chores around the house and have no clue where to start. It is basically saying we don’t know how to care for children, we don’t know how to load a damn dishwasher, and we can’t even cook dinner because ONE MAN doesn’t know how and is just now figuring out how much work it is. While I will be the first to admit there are some men that indeed don’t know how to do these things, I will also state that I have met just as many women that don’t know how to perform these daily chores as well. I have met tons of women that can’t cook anything edible, have no idea how to iron, and don’t know what warm, warm, white means. I see no need for ANY MAN to apologize to society for being ignorant on how to perform these tasks.

If you are a father of any worth you should know how to take care of your children without the help of a spouse. If there are things you don’t know don’t apologize for it, learn how to do it! Stop feeding the stereotype that men are worthless around the home and around their families. You may be worthless, but so many of us aren’t. Many of us cook daily, clean daily, and take our turns doing our share of the laundry and chores. Yes it is hard and if you are just finding this out that is YOUR FAULT. Don’t blame it on being a man! Blame it on yourself for never taking the time to learn! Stop lumping me in with your inadequacies. Those are all on you buddy.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man


Guest Post – Bipolar Strong-Fast Cars, Loud Music, Quentin Tarantino (I’m the one that went to nuthouse Tue)


cropchickencooHi. I’m Allison Strong, “Bipolar Strong.”

How does one connect bipolar with Resevoir Dogs (Michael Madsen Dancing Around Torturing A Cop with “Stuck in The Middle With You” in background)? The picture is on the internet. Almost used it by mistake. Whoops

what makes relevant my own inner relic and pays tribute to…well it’s in the story.

Clicks and comments make my day. (Theirs too).



The Author Media Kit and Other Forms of Self-Promo #MayChallengeDay13

Some great tips on self promotion and self publishing!
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Pearls Before Swine


The idea of marketing your work and promoting yourself, to most Self-Publishers, seems a bit daunting. They don’t want to appear prideful, conceited, self-absorbed, and narcissistic if you will. However, Self-Promotion is not the same as being prideful and NO Indie can get by without some level of Self-Promotion and marketing. It is, after all, part of the whole “Self” aspect of Self-Publishing.

The Media Kit

Some time ago I added an Author Media Kit to my blog. The purpose of the kit is to make it easier for editors, book reviewers, and beta readers who are interested in my work to discover more about me without having to Google me. I think its important for every Indie to have both an electronic Media Kit, as well as a hard-copy version for those on the go marketing campaigns and book signings. Why? An Author Media Kit provides your readers with…

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