Trickle down broken crown.

My dreams seem to run.

Passing by without a sound.

From the sun they run.

Terrors of the night my friend.

Good things weren’t meant to be.

Terrors of the night are sent.

I run but cannot flee.

They say to wish upon a star,

But all the stars are taken.

Wishes and dreams they seem so far.

Maybe they were mistaken.



First Driving Experience in China: From Excitement to a State of Shock

Visit Andy Smart’s great blog on China! -OM
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Just Turn Left

Beijing Tangshan G1 Map

This is a draft from Chapter 4 of my second book (Cross China Road Trip). I am open to any suggestions including editorial ones. Illustrations will be omitted when the time comes.

I am a wreck but not defeated!

30/01/16: With Chinese New Year is nearly upon us, my wife Suzie suddenly has the idea that we should go to Tangshan in the neighbouring Hebei Province to visit her parents early. Her best friend Zhang Tao says we can borrow her car for the day so from now on its game on.

Well I say no problem but actually there are a few distinct drawbacks to the plan. Firstly I’ve never driven in China before and have lived here long enough to know full well how totally insane the roads really are. To add to it, it’s been almost a year since being behind a steering wheel which was in…

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The Beginning of Winter, Beijing 2015: Knickers in the Wind

Andy has such a great blog where he travels around China and shares images you don’t see on television often. The people and the culture there. I love it! I am also happy he allows me to promote his book which you should also check out on his blog! -OM
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Just Turn Left

One of the good things about going it alone is that you can stop and make notes in your own time. These are observations that have been sitting in my phone for months. It’s full of ramblings like this.

The Beijing DaFeng (big wind) is whipping its icy fingers from Mongolia across the city today. Powder snow cascades down from avenues of trees illuminated by the dazzling winter sunshine and crystal blue sky. The early cold snap has taken them by surprise and a lot of the leaves still haven’t fallen. They flutter down all around forming a green-white frozen carpet which gives a satisfying crunch as my bike passes over. Cold aside, the wind means that we’re having the luxury of an extended period of excellent air at the moment and it’s a blissful time.

Girls still wear high boots, a fashion that never seems to diminish. This year…

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