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I Don’t Need Your Corporate Label

I believe people should get paid for their work and contribution towards a larger website. Corporate owned websites, such as WordPress and Huffington Post, rely on bloggers as much as readers to generate their daily traffic. Every time you login to your WordPress account you make someone money and it is often not yourself. I think that is a shame considering the fabric these websites are often made of is literally our own words.

I get the draw towards writing for Huff Post and was approached by them myself. Many might read this post and instantly write it off because I have an audience and obviously don’t understand “the hardships of the smalltime blogger.” That is untrue actually. As large as my subscriber number becomes, I will always be a smalltime blogger as long as the only backing I have is my own hard work. I am no different than any of you that login daily to blog your thoughts. I am a blogger first and will probably never be sponsored by a larger website. I am OK with that and I have accepted that.

I don’t need your corporate label on my ass to gain an audience or appreciation for myself. I don’t need to write for free to get people to notice me. How many of the Huffington Post bloggers got “thank you” cards from Arianna Huffington when she got that large check for The Blog on Huffington Post? I am sure your cards are on the way…

It is a little sad actually. I’ve read the posts and articles from people that were so sure they’d get permanent spots at HuffPo when that deal was inked. From their words… it was almost like they were promised. I am sure that isn’t what happened… … … because no one in this world would use someone for their own gain.

People sometimes ask why I spend portions of my time promoting other bloggers, helping people to network, and freely giving advice. It is simple really. It has always been my goal to show bloggers what they can do for themselves. FOR THEMSELVES. The first step is getting people to understand their own value. That value doesn’t necessarily increase when your name is splattered across the title page of a corporate website. Oddly though the value of THOSE websites generally go up the more of you that offer your writing for free. Funny how that works.

Remember that regardless how many “likes” or “views” your words and posts get they are still valuable. Don’t sell yourself short just for a pair of corporate pants and a logo on your T-shirt. Seriously people. Think about it. If you find an avenue to make money for yourself go for it! No one is saying don’t make money. Just don’t sell yourself cheaply or for nothing. Make sure you get something out of it for yourself because I guarantee you the first person on the mind of the corporation is not you.

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Jason C. Cushman


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Written In Blood

Check out Richard’s blog and his book “The Wolf Pack Moon!” -OM
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Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books

Wolf Pack Moon Ad

I have been writing poetry since the age of twelve and created my first chapbook at the age of fourteen. After showing a few sample poems to friends and neighbors, the chapbook was relegated to a dusty drawer to disintegrate into fodder for a rat’s nest. Some of the poems were good, many I am sure were bad, but all originated from a bludgeoned or joyful heart, mine. I am almost certain the rats found them more pleasurable than any of my human readers.

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Pretty Lies Perish: This Book Holds Red Pill Truths

Check out Frank Cervi’s blog and also his book Pretty Lies Perish! -OM
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The Space Cadet

Pretty_Lies_Perish_Cover_for_KindleThe book Pretty Lies Perish can be found on Kindle or

Pretty Lies Perish is A collection of interconnected tales, testimonies and confessionals set across the American past, present and future that examine the human spirit under a florescent spotlight. The plight of each characters situation is relative to their current environment- from the offices in Wall Street, to the seedy strip clubs of Texas. Loneliness, fear, shame, greed and alienation are the emotional currencies that are passed under the table from the characters to the reader as they hand out their secrets, dreams, regrets and hopes all for a chance at respite and self-healing. In a world where everyone has a price, pretty lies will die.

The books theme is that of a nation [America] in decline.  All the characters have something in-common about their lives and situations. The social commentary and undertones in this book are immense. It…

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Is Problem Gambling and Addicted Gambling The Same?

Check out Catherine’s blog on gambling addiction and her book Addicted to Dimes! -OM
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Recovery Starts Here! A Gambling Free and Sober Blog~Sharing Hope In Recovery One Day At A Time.

Welcome Recovery Friends, Visitors, and Happy Easter!


OK, so I am a bit confused about a little question? Is there really a difference between problem gambling and addicted gambling? Now I have searched and searched to see what comes up on Google, and other websites. Then I decided to go to Wikipedia and see if they have a difference between the two. I find it kind of confusing, but here is what I found. First, I checked for Gambling Addiction, and all I got was THIS:

The page “Addicted gambling disorder” does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.


    THEN, I went and typed in Problem Gambling and got a lot more…

Problem Gambling:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~ (Redirected from Gambling addiction)


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Where are you from?

A lot of new people around and it is fun to find out where everyone is from. Share what you feel comfortable with. Planet works too!

I was born in Busan, South Korea. Received my Jedi training on the fifth star and now live and work in Denver. I hate snow.

Jason C. Cushman

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