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I have been blogging through the tired for over a year now. We all hit the ceiling of motivation eventually and then we must decide what is important to us. Why do we blog? Why do we keep blogging? For me it has always been simple and I have had a general idea of my goals for this platform. It is that master plan that keeps me focused and keeps me inspired… even through the tired.

I am posting my entire stat model for this blog. Those are the views for the past three years. The “comments” total is not accurate due to the number of posts I’ve deleted and made private. The total amount of views make me sad honestly. It makes me realize how much effort I put into making money for WordPress. It also shows me what can be done.

I have been reading a ton of blogs today. I see the disgruntlement that I have shared in the words of many of your posts. We all want to do what we love. We all want to make money doing that activity as well. It is the dream of many of us to get paid to either blog or to write, and those dreams don’t necessarily follow the average line of thought. That is ok. That is special in my book.

The one thing we will never run out of is doubters in our life. People that will put you down or put down your ideas because they don’t understand them. It may be a family member or friend who means well, but what they inadvertently do is kill a dream before understanding that dream. That is a sad thing in my book and is part of my motivation for networking daily. I enjoy showing people that you can accomplish what you want… even through the negativity. Let that negativity fuel you towards your future goals.

When I began this blog in 2013 I realized one important fact. I was late to the game. I have always been a day late and a dollar short picking up “trendy habits” that other people are already enjoying. I was busy playing online poker or building online kingdoms to care about this “blogging” activity my mom was always talking about. I heard about it and ignored it. I was not a writer and blogging wasn’t something I was interested in. I reserved my writing for where I have always placed it… inside my red journal.

I decided that I wanted to create a community on WordPress. I was not seeking to borrow or steal someone else’s followers, I didn’t need to share blogging tips I learned from other blogs and I wasn’t going to doctor my writing to entice people to visit. I came to the conclusion that to be unique you simply had to be yourself online and that is actually a lot harder than people realize. Everyone wants to be what they “think” people want to read in the blogosphere. They gloss over the facts they consider insignificant and harp on the crap everyone else is focusing on. It creates a plastic world in this virtual world we have all come to appreciate. I hate it.

The reason I took the name Opinionated Man is not because having opinions is unique. I took this name because the world is telling us each day to have an opinion… “just say it in such a way.” Fuck that. Fuck all of that. And fuck you society for trying to tell me how to think or speak. I have enjoyed the freedom to express myself here in my corner and I don’t care how crowded this corner gets. People subscribe to this blog to read true opinion, not the bullshit we are all forced to read on websites that require a disclaimer. My only disclaimer for this blog has always been that I will do what I must to make my dreams come true. I work daily towards that goal and even as I feel myself growing older each day, I still push myself to create something new. To write something new, meet another blogger, or to simply offer a kind word when someone needs it. Blogging is what you make of it and we all make something different to contribute to this virtual world.

I wish all of you the best in your pursuit of dreams, goals, and happiness. If making money off your blog is your goal then go for it. Do it and go big. Don’t listen to the people saying “that can’t be done.” Half the time they aren’t speaking from experience. Half the time those people aren’t worth half a thought.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man


82 thoughts on “Blogging, WordPress, Goals & Doubters

  1. Thank you for this post. When Opinionated Man speaks people listen. Indisputably you are offering something special; that’s why lots are listening and following you. Bravo! If I may advise fellow bloggers I would say let’s look more closely at Opinionated Man and we’ll surely learn something that will help us in our blogging.

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  2. So very true and put very bluntly, I might add. I enjoy writing and blogging. I learned from experience that when you write who you are, there will be those who support you and those who do not. I trust that my efforts to say what I want through blogging will continue to motivate me and move me forward to whatever else God has for me in this realm. I believe some will be helped by what I write and others will not. We all would like a level of financial success for what we do and it may take a while. The most important aspect of this journey for me is to keep writing from the heart and expressing who I am and what I am about in the blog. Like it or not. Everyone has that choice. When we understand that our value is not in what others think about us or their opinions, but about the value given to us by God, it is easier to get through the challenging times. I enjoyed the post and look forward to learning more about you, The Opinionated Man.

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  3. Well Jason, I went over this with a fine-toothed-comb, and I don’t think you’re breaking any laws! I particularly liked this entry. I’m learning to let people in to my own weird world, and well, it feels weird! Yet now I get comments and likes. If I live long enough, I may sell something! LOL! Anyway, I’m walking the mile in your muck lucks, and it’s hard to read a lot of new people per day, and then keep up with them all! What if I just read the first and last paragraphs? I used to just read the ‘Contents’ pages for my book reports and always got an A+. Intriguing information OM! I like your suit tie combo! Lookin’ smooth brother! 😉

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  4. I get what you mean. I started my blog simply to get into the discipline of writing more frequently because I get bogged down into doing what I tend to get lost in–reading and watching movies. I have stories in my notebooks and a finished product that needs polishing. In fact, that was the other reason in doing my blog, to create a community. But, I found that once I started my blog, I liked to try different kinds of writing and I “forgot” about polishing my finished product. It’s getting close to my first anniversary and I told myself I was going to polish that dang thing and get it out before then, but . . . we’ll see.

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  5. Reblogged this on Dave's Food Adventures and commented:

    Thought I would share this. It speaks to what a lot of us go through I think. Not seeing the numbers we want, doubting ourselves and wondering if we are doing enough to attract our desired audience, or even if we should change our writing styles to play to the audience. With my blogs, what you see is me. I write like I speak, and my online persona is the same as if you met me in person. I forge on because I believe in what I do. And that my friends is the key. Believe in yourself and let the naysayers roll off your back.

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  6. The most important thing is the enormous amount of other bloggers you continue to help and inspire through your words. I don’t understand why you don’t have a million views though! You’re new to self hosting. Give it time to pick up. And never give up!

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  7. Thanks for inspiring words. I believe, you receive what you give and you are always there to help and support others. So I strongly feel you are about to receive monetary success that you are desiring. As you have helped others you will receive help and support too.

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  8. Reblogged this on PBW & Beyond and commented:

    As a blogger, most times you just have to shut up and kick ass. Do the dirty work that matters. And later sit (on the balcony) with your glass of wine to enjoy the victory. The view at the top is worth the good seeds sown.

    Enjoy this piece from the Opinionated Man.

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  9. Wow, literally just what I needed to read on here. I’ve been on here for a while as well, probably under 50 followers and still striving for more. You were probably one of the first few blogs I started following once I joined this site. It’s incredible how successful your blog is and how far you have come as a blogger. Reading this post was a real inspiration!

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  10. Funny how you don’t even speak Korean -but you act like one. Simply because -you posted for a blog picture in a suit. You are a funny, cute man, Jason. Keep up the good work.

    Oops -I did forget that you are a CEO now -so you must dress the part. Yet, I think you would have worn a suit anyhow.

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  11. Love this. And may I say I’m super impressed you’ve only been blogging since 2013 and have achieved this level? Just shows what good networking, being who you are without caving to those jackwagons trying to pull people down, and actually encouraging/supporting other people will do. Plus, you’re a great writer. Rock on.

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  12. Wow, I am simultaneously jealous of your readership and also really happy for you that you’ve had so much success in such a saturated market! I’m picking up that part of that success is because of your impressive abilities to create a community, to reach out and connect to others.

    I’m sorry you’re getting sick of it, but GOOD JOB. 🙂

    And I find your message about pushing past the doubters as well as the creative fatigue very inspiring. Thank you, Jason.

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  13. Inspiring and disheartening at the same time. If someone with as many followers and views as you can’t make a living doing this…I don’t want to finish that sentence and put that thought out into the universe but you know where I’m going with that. Keep doing you, because we love reading what you have to say even if your two cents doesn’t make two cents 😉 Looking very dapper, I almost didn’t recognize you out of your costume I mean outfit. 😉


  14. As desperate for money as we are as a family, I’m still happy to consider blogging a hobby and have no illusions that I’ll ever make any cash by doing it.
    Apart from anything else, I’m sure the pressure of having to generate income would take away the best part: having fun.

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  15. So well said Jason. Being true to yourself is the only way to go when writing, there’s no point pretending to something we’re not. When I starting blogging a year ago I had no idea how much I would love becoming part of an on-line community. It’s expanded my world ten-fold and I’m so glad you’re part of it.


  16. Well said Sir Jason Cushman 😉
    Who wouldn’t love reading your works. With all the intensity you put into your writing..
    Thanks for making we your readers confident. You make the world Wide Web look like an easy environ that can be ruled by a smart idea that’s workable.
    It always feels great reading your works Sire.
    Bless 😉

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  17. I agree with Ritu, you do look rather dapper in your suit 🙂 As for blogging, good for you for keeping it real and being true to yourself. You have your goals and not making any excuses for them, I admire that! I truly didn’t know what I wanted from blogging but I know what I got, and that was being part of this great community.
    I wish you all the best, Jason. 🙂

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  18. Spot on, Cush. I have a rather large extended family. All the so-called experts on marketing for the indie author say that these folks are your core support. I have not found this to be true, in fact the polar opposite is the case. This multitude of people, all going about expressing agape style love for each other and quick to assure that “need me, I’ve got your back,” yet in my experience not a single one has ever purchased a book to show support, read one that was provided free or even (with one exception) ever mentioned that they knew an author in one of their numerous daily face book posts. I’m certain that each of them has a reason but for me it’s been more of the Blanche DuBois (Streetcar Named Desire) experience, “I have always relied on the kindness of strangers.” Your blog has provided much more support to me than has anyone to whom I might be related.

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      • Thanks for that. I appreciate your kind words and all that you do. In talking to other Indie authors I find that I am not completely alone in lack of familial support. I don’t know the reason, envy perhaps. To quote from the Bible, Mark 6:4, KJV, “but Jesus said unto them, a prophet is not without honor, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.” At least the folks I share space with are on board with my efforts.

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