How the Bottle Drank Me

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman

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13 thoughts on “How the Bottle Drank Me

  1. Thank you for sharing, Jason. It’s such a tough subject to deal with, let alone share, but it’s much appreciated. I admit that I had thoughts about my drinking problem in college, even having had to go to counseling when my parents found out. Much better now, although I still struggle at times. Your post helped remind me of that dark period in my life, but how one is able to get stronger once one realizes and admits to being an alcoholic. Thank you again.


  2. I love your blog it’s very interesting, and I’m sorry about your negative life events, I hope that in the near future your life will get better day by day :)! You are very inspiring and I’m sure you are a very strong person!

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  3. Wow this hit home for me my father was a an alcoholic and I didn’t see him till years later didn’t know he was and still don’t I don’t want him in my life. Your better then the drink or two. Life catches you at times and spins u around and then your there with a mean hangover. Luckily things have gotten better and u won’t be in that dark place again.


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