Why a Single View Matters

I value it all. I value views, interaction, engagement, likes, and shares on any platform. I work hard at my blog daily. Far harder than most bloggers do and I take it seriously because of that. I understand some bloggers are here for the “fun” of it. Fun left my blog a long time ago. What replaced “fun” was hard work, perseverance, theory, and future goals. I understand that we all have different ways of blogging… but it still amuses me that with all the differences people proclaim to have about their views on blogging we still share many similar goals and wants. The way we reach those goals is uniquely connected to our personal drive.

It is OK to value the single view. It is OK to value ALL the views actually. There are some bloggers that will claim this “takes away from the purity of blogging.” Those people make an unfair statement because their goals for blogging aren’t the goals shared by everyone. Their view of blogging in general doesn’t match mine either. The first thing people need to realize on social media is that even though we may all claim the same hobby that doesn’t mean we are all doing the exact same thing. We aren’t.

I find it amusing when people comment and say how much they want interaction on their blog, but they also admit they don’t engage other bloggers much. I’ve always wanted to be a professional fly fisher. Unfortunately I’ve never fly fished before… so that makes it kind of hard. If you want interaction you must give it or be prepared to share stuff most people wouldn’t want to just to go viral. I have yet to find a way to gain engagement from an audience without also giving it back. When you figure out that trick let me know people.

Yes, we ALL want comments and dialogue on our blog. What we all aren’t prepared to do is to work for that goal though. Bloggers still sit back and wait/hope to go viral. I am not sure if this attitude is due to laziness or a false hope that people actually care that much about your daily life. They don’t. They only care when they feel a relationship and they won’t feel that relationship while you stay inside your bubble. You have to make them care. You can be the best undiscovered writer in the world and no one will ever know it if you never share that fact with other people. Not unless you happen to get Freshly Pressed that is.

The single view matters to me because you never know who that view will come from. It could be your next big fan, a book agent, a publicist, or someone that will impact you much further than that single view. I work hard for each view, comment, and like on my blog because I don’t receive the handouts that many bloggers get. I’m not that lucky. I share and thank others for sharing my stuff constantly and I never take it for granted. The exact same way I never take the single view for granted either and I will always value them. Those views are how a platform are started and created. What do you think I am doing online each day?

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman

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She says she wants fireworks. So I shoot up the sun.

She claps and says we need music. So I make the words dance for her.

She smiles and says that she needs love. So I love her like I love her.

She cries and whispers past my ear. I tremble at what is to come I fear.

She lies and closes gentle doors. I give my love and live a life of ignore.

She parts and with her parts my heart. I feel it. I feel it depart.

She becomes a her story to be told. A portion of my heart stolen, not sold.


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Middle Life

Raise me up so I can fall so far. Passing your expectations as high as stars.

Heavy expectations… how can I fly? Weighing me down from beckoning sky…


-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman

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