Weekly Blog Reviews #12

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Station Stories (Jane Routley’s life as a Station Assistant) – https://janeroutley.wordpress.com/

Jane writes historical fiction and works during the day as a Station Assistant. Hence the title of her blog and her about page found HERE! Information about her novels can also be found on her site page. Her writing contains “feisty women characters” that I am sure many of my female readers would enjoy! I appreciate the relaxed style of her blog posts as she recounts her everyday encounters. It seems that she meets some very interesting and random individuals on a daily basis. It definitely provides great fodder for her blog posts and creates an interesting blog!

Wandering Soul (Conversations with an Alien!) – https://wanderingsoul2015blog.wordpress.com/

I have really enjoyed my recent connection with Wandering Soul. She is a very interactive and responsive blogger which is evident from her dialogue in her comments sections. I look for that when deciding if I will connect with another blogger. Her about page HERE even solicits opinions and feedback from her readers which is a great idea! I also really like her section for sharing reblogs and bloggers from around the world found HERE! It just shows what a community oriented person she is and why it is a great idea to add her to your network!

MariaJob (Life: thoughts on the way it is!!) – https://mariajob.wordpress.com/

Mary Job is a very social blogger who I have enjoyed communicating with. She is always responsive and leaves meaningful comments on my posts. I enjoy reading what she has to say because she definitely has opinions she is not afraid to express. I respect that in a blogger. Her blog about page found HERE shows her spread in interest. You can find posts on a wide range of topics and also some great photos! I enjoy browsing everyday photos from around the world like the ones she shares!

Notes From The Devil Dollhaus (Diary of a Mad Rat Girl) – https://jennydevildoll.wordpress.com/

That is one colorful banner!!! WOW! I have enjoyed connecting with Jenny for the past… year? Maybe longer now actually. Time really flies and sometimes I feel like I have been here forever. That is due to the great blogging community I am a part of and Jenny is definitely a member of that same community! Check her site out HERE for her art and upcoming events! It looks like she rocks out hard from the photo! Jenny is definitely a blogger worth visiting!

Prog Chik (with an MFA’s worth of attitude) – http://progchik.com/

What a witty about page! You can read it HERE and really gain an appreciation for her personality! Her posts range from relationship topics such as this one HERE and her everyday life which is the “blogging life” like this post found HERE. I think most of my female readers would find something on this site worth reading. She is also very interactive and responsive to comments which is always a good thing! This is definitive one progressive chick worth adding to your reader!

TRICKYJAMES (Fitness, Food, Health and Happiness) – http://trickyjames.com/

If you are looking for a great fitness and health blog check this one out! Even though I don’t live the healthiest lifestyle… I try to surround myself with blogs that promote such things. This about page HERE clearly shows how a healthy lifestyle and fitness helped transform this blogger physically and mentally. He also offers help and guidance through both his blogs and also his facebook page. Add this fitness blogger to your healthy living network!

Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story – https://forestrain.wordpress.com/

This is a blog written by an American born Israeli living in Israel. I found this blog interesting because of the political posts that offer a different perspective from the outside. An “outside” that we in America don’t always get exposed to due to the restraints on our news outlets and more importantly what is put on those news outlets. An example of what I am talking about can be found HERE in her posts expressing some of her current political views. I definitely appreciate blogs and bloggers that present us with opinions and perspectives we might not always encounter in our daily lives.

125pages – http://125pages.com/

Authors looking for book reviewers might want to check out Laura’s blog HERE! She writes blog reviews and book related posts! She reads a ton of books weekly which is great for those looking for reviews! Laura has a review “policy” found HERE and also a submission form you can find on her page. She definitely has a great blog setup for doing book reviews and her passion for sharing them is evident from her blog! Give her blog a visit and check out some of the books she has been reading!

Ramexabella (The only thing predictable about life is it’s unpredictability.) – https://ramexabella.wordpress.com/

I really enjoyed how Ramsha shared her name in this post HERE! I can relate to this post due to my own ethnicity and the fact that my own name was changed to try and avoid having to repeat it constantly as she says in her post. Another reason I wanted to share this post is to show how responsive a blogger she is! I love seeing the conversations taking place in her comment section. It is definitely a testament to how interactive she is on social media! She is definitely a blogger worth adding to your network.

vanbenschoten (Abuse. Getting It Off My Chest) – https://outloudkaren.wordpress.com/

Karen writes a blog on abuse. It is a blog of reality and personal journey from what I have read so far. There are most definitely some triggers found within her words so readers may want to consider that before visiting. Those that seek to read about life as it truly happens will appreciate Karen’s blog and her posts. I can relate to her pain in many ways, but in my own personal way. This poem HERE really spoke to me and perhaps it will speak to you as well. It reminds me of my poems to my birth mother.


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Note: If you submitted your blog for review in or before November of 2015 I should have reviewed your blog by now! If you did not see your blog please let me know!



9 thoughts on “Weekly Blog Reviews #12

  1. WordMan, you are a man much in demand. (I noticed the long, black, stretch Limo idle-by a short while ago also) 🙂
    Mr. WordMan, I have nominated you for The Sunshine Blogger Award (I know):), and you can see your name and particulars here: http://notinmyworld.org/2016/01/17/child-abuse-354/
    I had to My Very Talented Friend, I considered the fact that this might be my last opportunity to do something like this…. and I did it.


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