For Men Only – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Each year I like to share a Valentine’s Day post. Here is mine for the year!

1 – I suggest buying her another man for a day that can do all those chores on that mythical list she keeps talking about.

2 – If you forget to buy her a gift you can try code red, but it is very tricky to pull off. Take her outside and claim you bought her a cloud. Be sure and point at the largest one you can find and that possibly has a flower shape resemblance.

3 – Buy her a Kindle Fire and preload hundreds of books on it. That way you can watch those guys throwing that thing around again.

4 – Buy her a heart shape cake, but don’t let her eat it because you are helping her stay in shape like she asked. You eat it all to make sure it was worth the 8 dollars at the grocery store you spent.

5 – Treat your wife or girlfriend to a night out with her friends… so you can treat yourself to a night out with your friends. It really all just balances out guys. Don’t worry they won’t see this because I hung the “Men Only” sign.

6 – Buy her one of those miniature ponies only claim it is a stallion with a stunted growth problem. When the pony never grows larger just look confused and whisper “we don’t want to hurt her feelings do we?”

7 – Adopt a pet orangutan as a gift to help pick things up. Like socks?

8 – Create a YouTube compilation of all your good moments that you can replay anytime a bad moment occurs.

9 – Glitter shower


Note of Disclaimer: HarsH ReaLiTY is not responsible in the event any individual takes this site’s relationship advice. Please use intelligence and discretion when making life decisions.