I could trace a teardrop until it killed itself. Finding the origin from which that tear came. What joy or pain was so great that it forced a little life from that person’s eye and caused it to fall down. Dying as it dried your pain across the pavement. A thoughtless act to satisfy your selfish pleasure. I could trace the impress that drop made as it spread its depression across a moment. And in that moment all that mattered was that teardrop. And that is all that matters.


21 thoughts on “Unedited

  1. I don’t know how you do this, but I’m glad I get to read the result 😉

    You reminded me of something a friend wrote today:

    “I sure hope to not cry so much as last year, but usually my heart leaks out my eyeballs.”

    I love your description of a tear 🙂


  2. You are right. Beautifully written. I experienced this just this past Friday, when I had a seizure walking back to the waiting room. 3 nurses caught me before hitting the floor while a so called doctor stood there and watch till the nurses yelled help. Immediately tears ran down my face without control. As I was put in a wheelchair and back to ER waiting room, my boyfriend saw me and said, ” Did she have a seizure?”

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