Weekly Blog Reviews #5

If you are interested in being included in my Blog Reviews please send me your info to aopinionatedman@gmail.com.

a cooking pot and twistedtales (Thoughts and Tales Etc..) – http://acookingpotandtwistedtales.com/

Jacqueline is a great community blogger that has shown herself to be engaging and responsive. She runs a great blog that has a nice mix of short fiction, poetry, and inspirational posts. I also like reading her responses to some of the prompts that she takes part in! I have really enjoyed the interaction that I have recently acquired from this blogger. It is always nice to know someone is truly listening to your voice and I can tell that is the case with Jacqueline. She is a great community blogger to add to your list!

Jilldennison’s Blog – http://jilldennison.com/

I am really enjoying the blunt nature of this blog. The writer doesn’t hold back on her topics and I can respect that. I may not particularly like all of her posts, but that is the beauty of blogging your opinion. You don’t have to have everyone’s acceptance right? For some “reality” give this blog a read and also get to know another social blogger! I think she loves Donald Trump… I can’t be sure though. 🙂

Sahar’s Blog (Midnight musings of an overactive mind) – http://www.saharsblog.com

There is a lot going on over on this blog! For a full list of her blogging schedule feel free to read HERE! This blogger offers reviews and author highlights which would be a great opportunity for some of you authors out there! From her own words, she takes reviewing seriously (not like my current reviews which are just snippets) and really puts thought into the words she uses. A warning though, she doesn’t like swear words on her blog and will edit those even from comments. Sahar openly communicates with her readers and is a very responsive blogger, two factors I look for in someone I connect with.


I have really enjoyed my recent conversations with this blogger. She is very interactive and also a giving community blogger that willingly promotes other people’s work she feels touched by. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor that puts in the effort to support and encourage others. I think that this site definitely lives up to the name “Enlightenment Angels.” Give her site a visit and gain another responsive online friend.

Thirty Summers (Escape ordinary) – http://thirtysummers.com/

Who doesn’t love photo blogs? I love photo bloggers and their endless presentation of eye candy! Saxon definitely brings the world outside of the office to us through his words and lens! He also has a great team of contributors that share 30S across the social platforms. There are even music reviews which I know some of you music lovers would enjoy! Check Saxon and his team’s blog out for some great new contacts and interaction!

Notes from the U.K. (Exploring the spidery corners of a culture and the weird stuff that tourist brochures ignore.) – http://notesfromtheuk.com/

Ellen Hawley is a fiction writer and blogger. She writes very well. Very well. She also is a part of my growing “U.K. based” readership that I am proud to have! I have traded comments with this blogger for a year now and have always appreciated how responsive she is. It isn’t easy to be interactive and she definitely puts in that effort, which is a bonus considering how well she writes and that she could probably be using her time pushing out novels instead. I think this PAGE really displays her talent and I would encourage people to give these articles a read!

yadadarcyyada (Vague Meanderings of the Broke and Obscure) – http://yadadarcyyada.com/

We all love blogs that show us pieces of that blogger’s reality. When a blogger freely shares themselves and their daily trials… and victories. That full circle view is life and when that life is presented through a blog it is a beautiful thing. This is one such blog and I enjoy seeing her network grow through her tireless effort. Donna is a single mother with fibromyalgia and other medical issues and who is raising a son with autism, epilepsy, asthma, and other health issues. She shares her life, struggles, writing, poetry, and views on her blog where she is a wonderful mediator for the online community. Currently she is running a Meet and Greet found HERE that is a great place to meet other interactive bloggers.

The Fancy Banana – https://thefancybanana.wordpress.com/

I will admit I am tempted to start this review off with a long rambling story about how I had banana sleeping gas as a child for an operation and that caused me to hate bananas from that day forward… but I will spare all of you from that. The first post you might read on this blog will state “My days are usually “wake up, don’t spend money, don’t die, repeat”. I relate totally with that statement actually. I get it. I really enjoy this blog and I can’t honestly put my finger on why. Perhaps it is the honest tone of the writing, but that might be a bad guess. THIS about page is awesome and will really tell you all you need to know about this blogger. Give it a read!

Crave (Food * Health * Life) – http://cravelife.org/

I really enjoy the clean look of this blog. The first thing I noticed is that this food blogger is participating in a Writing 101 course HERE and is promoting other bloggers through this blog. The reason this stands out to be is that sometimes our “genre” prohibits us from branching out and networking like we should on social media. Breaking that mold is a good thing and this blogger is definitely doing so by participating in this writing course. I also LOVE restaurant reviews and she also does cookbook reviews! I really enjoy reading about what people like when they eat out because I definitely enjoy eating out myself! Give this blogger a visit and gain a new food blog to your list!

Skipah’s Realm – http://skipahsrealm.com/

Gary signed up for the Pepsi Challenge. Unfortunately for Gary we are doing a Coca-Cola Challenge instead. Why can’t you read the right memos Gary??? Anyways, anyone that is looking for an all around great guy to connect with should definitely visit this blog and interact with Gary. He offers humor, fun, and just real life for the everyday browser. I appreciate bloggers like him and have enjoyed our interaction which has been for some time now. Thanks again for signing up for the Pepsi Challenge Gary!

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59 thoughts on “Weekly Blog Reviews #5

  1. Hi!

    I just read one of your posts “Promote Another Blogger???” and reblogged on my blog.

    My first thought was that I was promoting your blog, but then I saw your stats and read this nice post, and…

    I am wondering: could you please a look to my blog and tell me what you think?

    Cheers 🙂

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  11. 1) Thank you for the review! I was wondering what you think of my blog, now I know 😉
    2) You are costing me a lot of time what with discovering all these blogs. Consider this an official request for a refund for time 😉


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  14. Wow, just wow, thanks for the amazing review, Jason. Absolutely made my morning when I got up to this!!!
    And to be in such great company, the reviewed and the reviewer, well, that’s always a cool bonus.
    Thanks again and hope this day treats you kindly. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  15. I went on Saxon’s site and loved the review of Pink Floyd’s Animals, one of my fav all time albums from the mid seventies. You had to be there sort of thing. I went on ‘Notes from the UK’ and ran a search for contact info after reading about bats, manners and a crazy burning tar barrel fest. No contact info can be found. This kind of frustration that is time consuming is why I don’t connect more. When I get a new follower and they are on Gravatar with no contact info, no recent posts that I can click on and reply and no email, I can’t seem to penetrate Gravatar to thank them or even see their blogs. I am so frustrated. I’m sure there’s a way and this is why I have a computer teacher. This week we are reviewing Gravatar again.

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  16. Thanks for featuring me here! Caught me off guard.
    Hey, you hate bananas, it’s okay. Maybe it’s that experience you had with sleeping gas, or just your secret plan to DIE from potassium deficiency.

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  17. Thanks, OM. And double thanks for saying I write well. I confess, most of the time I think I do (oh, hell, if I didn’t, why bother doing it?), but if anyone tells me so my feet kind of float an inch or two above the ground for the rest of the day.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. I am totally tickled pink 😊 In all honesty, I was not expecting a review this early with the amount of work that you have cut out for you. I sincerely appreciate your warm words and I am saving this page to keep my face smiling all day.
    Kind regards, Jacqueline.


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