The Rain

How I hate the rain as raindrops drop to their death seemingly for my pleasure. Such needless death and yet they mirror the teardrops that splash tears of transgressions I am hoping to forget this night. At least for the time it takes for them to dry and become forgotten.

I could learn to love the rain if the rain would stop hating moments in my life. Perfect timing to become the backdrop of some soontobe treasured moment… not the good kind either. The only thing lacking is a cheesy smile and an inspirational sign about accepting pain. Still I would rather have the pain than these annoying tears.



22 thoughts on “The Rain

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  2. California needs a lot of it… Tears and rain and all that… Send some here…. We treasure each thundercloud burgeoning with bountiful rain…. I long for clouded skies of dark, dark gray and today is bright, bright blue… No matter how I look at it…. Blue, so blue is hateful…. A background to the pain…. Whatever it may have been … When I was screaming for rain….

    What the hell, Jason?!?! You make me feel… Poetic and dark about clear blue skies with nary a cloud in sight!!!!!!😈

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  3. Funny how rain has such different feelings for people. When the rain falls, no matter when, I feel as though the earth breathing in, feeding us all.


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