Glass Ceiling 

Shatter my glass ceiling and cause the world I know to crash down upon me. Leaving shards of a broken reality in my hair. I shake myself loose from fading memory.  At least I try to as I dance with a shadowy past. A past that seems to match me step for step lately. Under full moon or blood moon it still moves so well. I move so well with a hand that never lets go. I hover between a broken reality below and a broken ceiling above. An entrapment of my making.



21 thoughts on “Glass Ceiling 

  1. it sounds like you’re trying to find something that you’d lost, and, you need to hold on to the faith, that if you’re meant to find that somethng you’d looked so long and hard for, you will, but if you don’t, it’s not because you didn’t do enough, but because you’re not meant to find it…

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