Can I say what I wish to say, my back against the wind.

Can I write what should be written, a start I begin again.

How should I present my words with change of inner heart.

Pressing words, printing, press them, I need a place to start.

A changed name, unassuming me, a crow in the night.

Finding freedom, freedom at last, a crow takes final flight.



17 thoughts on “Simple

  1. I been blobbing through your recent posts after an absence reporting for duty. Cup of tea in hand this morning… awaiting and hoping for that inevitable moment I stumble on one write that strikes me as they do. Here it sits and speaks.
    Change that stirs and adapting to it? Inevitable and yet still tumultuous even if expected, even if in peace with the direction it goes, it sincerely is a mind fuck at times.


  2. As always, your words punch home. Starting new … starting over – not always fun. Pretty much have just dig in and get going. And I think you are. For me the picture was almost too dark for the poem … the last line (for me) brings such hope and light.


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