Perfect Lines

We live our lives along perfect lines. Striving to duplicate cheated acts of perfection. A line is never perfect and yet we constrain it till it is. Till it must be.

Perfect lines in an imperfect world. How we outline our lives each day with our personality. Walking lines with printed happiness. How happy must they be?

Perfect line, I seek you still. Through constrained perception I seek my own true line. A line not just to walk by, not just to live along, but to guide my hand. Through dreams of perfect strokes.

-Opinionated Man


52 thoughts on “Perfect Lines

  1. “Walking lines with printed happiness”
    Something quite unbridled and joyful about that phrase….even though it’s talking about containment. I love the movement of this piece…..

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  2. I proudly say I’m perfectly imperfect. I tried to walk the straight line but everything in me was raging to walk the jagged path. Well written Jason I loved the ways your words flowed. 😊


  3. May your hand be guided
    To find
    that perfect line
    for you
    Or, perhaps
    Joined in another
    As life is
    So perfect
    in every way
    it to BE
    In Life
    Never stop dreaming

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