I look down at my feet to understand that I stand in the moment. Thoughts that feel as heavy as pillars turn out to be pebbles of my mind. Could I still the voice of my desire that thrives to hear my keyboard click. Could I stop being me.


19 thoughts on “Pebbles

  1. Take those pebbles, add a little concrete (determination), sand (ingenuity), water (flexibility), and solid tamping (perseverance) and what do you get? A solid foundation for life yet to follow. Ability to move over any small depression as your “foundation” will fill those. And those major hills & valleys? Riding over them will be much smother with the proper foundation in place. A little rocky (bumpy)? Yeah. Maybe. But very much worth the effort to prepare it.
    PS – as always, a very thought-provoking piece. With really nice flow to it. I like it (i know doesn’t that just make your day ;))

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  2. Sounds like you’re still trying to escape from who you are, and, we all want to lose parts of our pasts at one time or the next in our lives, but, eventually, we will realize, that we can’t escape, and that we MUST face whatever the HECK is bugging us, and resolve it, and move on, with the rest of our lives, hope it all works out for you soon…

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