Screams die

Could I fall so beautifully that people would stop and stare. Waiting in wonderment at the harsh reality in front of them. Would I matter then or instead bounce off the surface of their concern? Bouncing away from rejection towards a need to matter. A need to be wanted by someone.

Would I cry if crying meant to laugh? Sacrificing a little bit of happiness to underscore the pain inside. Slicing lines into the night, grimaces matching smiles of want. Would you help fulfill that want or hand me my next blade.

Should I look to the sky for hope or hope for strength within. Faking a will where there is only stillness to be had. I scream to break the silence if only for a moment, a moment of seconds to realize I exist. Could I, would I, should I care to hope upon a hope? Or die knowing I tried.



15 thoughts on “Screams die

  1. Now this sounds like Jason. I suspected and now I know he’s there. This is a marvelous look inside, well said, touching, deep. A real, honest to goodness poem. I expect there’s lots more where this came from. Hey, come to see me sometime.

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