They will bring you down

They will bring you down.

Not because you are important or even that you are a threat.

They simply hate the man that strives to touch the sun.

For they are grounded and will never know the freedom of flight.

Instead they only know jealousy, pain, and hate.

That is their cross to bear.

I have plenty of my own.



44 thoughts on “They will bring you down

  1. By the way, WP did it again. I saw a post of yours on my newsfeed and it said I was following you, when I opened the post it said I wasn’t so I clicked Follow, I had to actually click it twice to get it to say I was following (WTH?).

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  2. You have done the thing that humans in general fear; you have succeeded. You climbed the mountain and became king. Not only that, you don’t lord yourself over them. You reach out with a helping hand and encourage them. Some will be grateful, but many will tear the entire mountain down. That is the spite of those whose stupidity drives them to destroy not only the mountain, but they never think twice about destroying themselves to gain their point.

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