Could I say what I meant to say, by saying what I will. Might I write what I may, an expression can’t be stilled. Tickle me, you tickle now, a thought within my mind. Trickle down, further down, answers I must find. Shattered ceilings send falling stars, crashing to the floor. Please danger, stay afar,…


They will bring you down

They will bring you down. Not because you are important or even that you are a threat. They simply hate the man that strives to touch the sun. For they are grounded and will never know the freedom of flight. Instead they only know jealousy, pain, and hate. That is their cross to bear. I have…


Dying Eyes

Dying eyes, you die so well. Dripping, dropping tears that sell. Dying will, die you now? Do I die without a sound? Eyes that see, see you now? Easing, pleasing to be found. Dying eyes, now I see. What I was truly meant to be. -Opinionated Man 7/27/15   


Something | Popcorn & Shells 

I observe you observing me. We observe each other under the observation of others. String theories creating complex figures for the connection of others. All of it stemming from simple human interest. A need to know. ~|~ Popcorn & Shells We see the pain of society daily. Ringing bullets falling in places devoted to emotion,…

Chaining Words

I enslave words daily to my will. Chaining letters next to strangers to create the emotion of the moment. I write easily with my right hand. Creating word strings in the night against the backlight of an iPhone. Making my thoughts as real as the words before me. I hear the clank of their imprisonment…


My Moment

My moment is laid to rest with the tender strokes of my pen. No need to torture the parchment with my tortured soul. I bury each letter with such force unfelt. Pouring stones from my heart that came fr -OM 44.4